Kyshenko added to MAX finals

ToofanK-1 has announced a new superfight for the MAX Finals: 2008 finalist Artur Kyshenko will face the debuting Toofan “Storm” Salafzoon.

Salafzoon is a 25 year old Persian fighter and a current or former WPKA Euro Kickboxing Champion, Best Of Best Asian Champion, and World Martial Arts Festival Champion 75kg. An aggressive striker, Salafzoon has an amateur record of 78-7 with 33 KOs, and a professional record of 8-0 with 5 KOs. Obviously, this is a huge task for him, and a very difficult way to make his K-1 debut.


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2 responses to “Kyshenko added to MAX finals

  1. burim salihi


  2. ali

    with sucssesfull drem,s for storm

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