Krush Results

More recent results, this time from Japan’s KRUSH promotion. As K-1 considers adding smaller weight classes, Krush serves as a home to 65 kg and lower fighters, with winners in Krush looking to move up and take part in K-1 as the 65 kg division develops there. Think of it as K-1’s WEC.

Innocent Fighter
October 12, 2009

Morii Yousuke def. Iwakiri Hiroshi (Dec, 3-0)
Sangawa Naoki def. Hawk (Dec, 3-0)
Taketoshi Komuro def. Ikeda Kenzi (Dec, 3-0)
Katsuki Ogasawara DRAW Satoshi Horoshi Hirao
Konishi Taku def. Konishi (KO rd. 1)
Ookura Sasa Sasaki def. Kurokawa Takuya (Dec, 3-0)
Aketo Soldier def. Junya Ozawa (Dec, 3-0)


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