Ghita v. Die Faust Rumored for Reserve Fight

A new bout for the K-1 Finals is being rumored: Daniel Ghita v. Chalid “Die Faust” Arrab in a reserve fight. While still not confirmed, this news does come out of the same camp that first announced Schilt v. Ghita and Manhoef v. Bonjasky, so there is a good chance it is accurate.

Seeing Ghita in a reserve fight is no surprise, as he is clearly a fighter K-1 wants to build a future for. He was eliminated in round 1 after facing a very tough opponent in Schilt. Die Faust is more of a surprise as he has not been seen in K-1 in over a year and has not had a win in K-1 since 2006. If this turns out to be true, he is likely just brought in as a chance for Ghita to get a win over somewhat of a name fighter.

This would be the second reserve fight, as Gokhan Saki has been confirmed for one reserve fight, possibly against Peter Aerts.



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2 responses to “Ghita v. Die Faust Rumored for Reserve Fight

  1. whomever

    Ghita deserves it for sure. He showed a lot of heart at the Final 16.

  2. burim salihi

    i think Ghita was UNLUCKY, he dropped Schilt in the 1st round, anyone remember the BIG RIGHT OVERHAND and LEFT HEAD KICK???
    his leg kicks against Laschenko were so powerful
    i really like Ghita as a fighter and i think he would be the next big thing In K-1
    Die Faust would be perfect fight, and a good one to build Ghita’s name and record

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