UFC Fighter/Former K-1 Fighter Pat Barry Doesn’t Like Ernesto Hoost

Sure, it could just be Pat Barry hyping up his fight against Dutch kickboxer Antoni Hardonk and that they both trained with Ernesto Hoost in Holland, but Pat Barry wasn’t happy with his training with Hoost. Barry felt Hoost and Hardonk underestimated him and never saw him as a fighter on that elite level of competition.

After compiling 29 amateur bouts in 7 months and traveling the country signing his name on every kickboxing tournament list, Barry received the invite to train in Holland in the VAS Gym (the most legendary gym in kickboxing) under K-1 champion, Ernesto Hoost. After training with ‘Mr. Perfect’ and his next opponent, Antoni Hardonk for 5 years and compiling a world-class kickboxing record of 18-6-1, Barry eventually left Holland due to a rift with what he thought was his mentor. Feeling like he was a just a training partner for the other fighters that Barry feels, Hoost thought were better fighters, this fight means more than another ‘W’ for Barry it’s redemption.

“This fight means more to me than just going and getting a win because this is almost like a, oh you thought I couldn’t make it and now look at what I’m doing. You didn’t have the confidence in me and now look at what is happening.”

Since he is in UFC now and has a rather humble K-1 record, it is probably safe to assume that Barry wasn’t fit for the level of competition in K1 and has found a better fit in MMA. The same, of course, can be said for Hardonk. Mr. Perfect is never wrong, is he?


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  1. i would like to see some ufc fighters in the k1

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