Contender Asia Season 2 Postponed Again, Bang Ludwig Pulls Out

The news surrounding the upcoming second season of The Contender Asia has been pretty grim this week as rumors persist that the show will not take place at all. Those who have followed The Contender Asia have been frustrated to see the second season postponed time and again for everything from holidays to construction delays to fog. Now, fighters are beginning to share that frustration, including announced participant and UFC veteran Duane “Bang” Ludwig:

After multiple postponments, I’ve decided to pull off the Contender Asia 2 to refocus on MMA. I want to fight, and was forced to pull off the show while they sort out some things. Check back often for an announcement of my next MMA fight.

This is a notable blow to the show, not because Ludwig is essential to the production, but because it shows how little confidence those directly involved have in the show. As rumors of financial problems and other unknown delays persist, it’s beginning to look like we may never see season 2.

Check back later this week as we will have more coverage on the long, bumpy road for The Contender Asia Season 2.


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