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K-1 MAX Crowns New Champion

The K-1 MAX Grand Prix 2009 is over and a new MAX champion has been crowned. For the complete news, plus news on this weekend’s big K-1 ColliZion and It’s Showtime cards, check our new site at – providing you the same great coverage you expect from the team at K-1 Legend.


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Krush Results

More recent results, this time from Japan’s KRUSH promotion. As K-1 considers adding smaller weight classes, Krush serves as a home to 65 kg and lower fighters, with winners in Krush looking to move up and take part in K-1 as the 65 kg division develops there. Think of it as K-1’s WEC.

Innocent Fighter
October 12, 2009

Morii Yousuke def. Iwakiri Hiroshi (Dec, 3-0)
Sangawa Naoki def. Hawk (Dec, 3-0)
Taketoshi Komuro def. Ikeda Kenzi (Dec, 3-0)
Katsuki Ogasawara DRAW Satoshi Horoshi Hirao
Konishi Taku def. Konishi (KO rd. 1)
Ookura Sasa Sasaki def. Kurokawa Takuya (Dec, 3-0)
Aketo Soldier def. Junya Ozawa (Dec, 3-0)

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RISE 59 Results

rise_091004rise-11-komiya-matsumotoCourtesy of Bout Review, complete results from the recent RISE show in Japan. RISE focuses on the lower weight classes with a number of dynamic fighters.

October 4, 2009

65 kg semi-final: Yusuke Sugawara Isamu def. Hideya Tanaka (KO, rd. 2)
65 kg semi-final: Mitsushi Yoshimoto def. Samurai Noboru (Dec, 3-0)
Yuki Hiroshi Komiya def. Matsumoto Yuuzou (Dec, 2-0)
Ikei Yuu def. Kiire (KO, rd. 2)
Moriya Tajuo def. Uirasakurekku Takayuki (Dec, 3-0)
Junichi Maruyama def. Mountain Rise (Dec, 3-0)
Yusuke Komiyama def. Kushima Akira (KO, rd. 3)
Yoshimi Sakamotot Takeshi def. Doo Oishi Satoshi (Dec, 3-0)
Yoshino Yukiyoshi def. Dyki (Dec, 3-0)
Yasumi SODA def. Hori Stsushi (Dec, 3-0)
Oosawa Humiya def. Ishii Shiniti (Dec, 3-0)
Takafumi Morita def. Atsushi Snake (KO, rd. 1)

Isamu and Yoshimoto will now square off in the 65 kg tournament final at the November 26 finals.

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Evolution 18 Results

UPDATE: Complete results added.

We have results from this Friday’s Evolution 18 card in Australia:

Paul Slowinski def. Ben Edwards (KO via leg kicks, rd. 3)
Prasert def. Dane Daddy Cool (KO head kick, rd. 2)
Naruepol def. Soren Monkongton (KO head kick, rd. 1)
Angela Parr DRAW Nicole Brolan
Super Boi def. Andy Colgrave (TKO via cuts, rd. 4)
Brett Franklin def. Jared Grigor (TKO, rd. 3, Grigor could not start the round after a leg injury)
Cedric NTG Kongaika def. Phillip Salesa (Dec)
Michael Demetriou def. Daniel Smyrk (Dec)
Tom Murray def. Stuart Palmer (Dec)

Good win for Slowinski, and an unfortunate result for Parr who suffered a high profile loss at Champions of Champions 2 this summer, a loss in her MMA debut not long ago, and now a draw here. She is in need of a win soon to get back on track.

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Battle of Sweden 2 Results

Courtesy of

Battle of Sweden 2
September 26, 2009

Giang Hoang Vs Ahmed Khalli – DRAW
Magnus Bonde vs Fredrik Lundgren – winner 2-1 Fredirk Lundgren
Viet Hoang Vs Ulf Byman – winner 3-0 Viet Hoang
Driton Rama Vs Nima Rafei – Winner 2-1 Nima Rafei
Alexander Gasparov Vs Daniel Teymur – Winner 2-1 Alexander Gasparov
Adam Lazarevic Vs Sadibou Sy – Winner 2-1 Sadibou Sy
Tobias Alexandersson Vs Fadi Merza – Winner 3-0 Tobias Alexandersson!
Chris Forster Vs Nico Verresen – Winner 2-0 Chris Forster
Saiyok Vs Samranchai – Winner 3-0 Saiyok
Sanny Dahlbeck Vs Genc Uka – Winner by RSC round 2 Genc Uka

All fights were contested under Muay Thai rules. Good wins for Forster and Saiyok, but not much else to write home about from this card.

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Sefo wins in Strikeforce

Ray Sefo made a successful return to MMA this weekend, defeating Kevin Jordan at the Strikeforce Challengers event. Despite earning the win, it was not a great showing for Sefo, who spent the latter half of round 1 on his back absorbing punches from the veteran Jordan. As round 2 got under way, Jordan suffered a knee injury, and Sefo was awarded the TKO victory. No footage is yet available online, but check out the photo highlights below:

One thing is clear – if Sefo plans to make the transition to MMA a permanent one, he needs to work on his ground game right away, as being controlled by the declining journeyman Jordan does not bode well for his long-term chances. Hopefully with some ring rust worked off he can tighten up his ground game, but at 38, time is certainly not on his side to implement large changes in his game. I like Sefo, and want to see him stick around, but I fear his time as a relevant fighter in either sport may be coming to a close.

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K-1 Final 16 Results!

So I set my alarm and actually ended up throwing my phone across the room. After waking up, piecing my phone back together, we are here with K-1 Final 16 results! These broadcasts tend to be a bit lengthy, so only 3 fights have been missed so far.

UPDATE: Filling in PBP for the fights I missed.

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