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Video: Morosanu v. Junichi Sawayashiki

A great destruction by Morosanu here. If he gets in this groove this weekend, Mo is in big trouble:

In the aftermath of the Kin fight, it’s also interesting to watch how close Morosanu comes to late hits in this fight. He really needs to get that under control.


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Video: Mighty Mo v. Hong Man Choi

Our preview of K-1 ColliZion continues with main eventer Mighty Mo in, arguably, his finest hour. Any newer fans who may not know Mo so well are well served to check this one out:

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Preview of K-1 ColliZion

untitled1This is a jam packed weekend for kickboxing fans, with big shows from It’s Showtime, K-1 ColliZion, and the K-1 MAX Finals on Monday. All week we will preview the weekend’s events, starting with ColliZion today.

This Saturday’s K-1 ColliZion card is an interesting beast. What started off looking like something of a freakshow card has evolved into one of the most exciting smaller shows of the year, with a couple of highly competitive and interesting fights. While the undercard features some notable fighters (mainly Petr Vondracek and Freddy Kemayo), we’ll focus on the top three fights of the night, as these are the draws that make this card.


This is one of two fights ColliZion determined by fan voting, as it was going to be either Lungu v. Smith or Lungu v. Butterbean. Justice Smith won by a narrow margin, and now looks to follow in Gina Carano’s footsteps by making the transition from American Gladiator to combat MMA fighter. Smith does have limited experience in MMA and kickboxing, including an MMA loss to UFC #1 contender Shane Carwin, and a kickboxing loss to Mighty Mo, but make no mistake, it is not his ring experience that gets him this spot, it is his high profile role as American Gladiator Justice. As a bonus for pro wrestling fans, Smith may also be recognizable as one of the contestants on WWE’s Tough Enough, losing to fellow MMA fighter Daniel Puder.
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