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Buakaw Promo Video

Great video of Buakaw training and a reminder of just how vicious he can be.



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Yuichiro Jienotsu Nagashima Interview

K-1’s most famous cosplay fighter has much to say about anime. Oh, and a little about fighting as well.

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Video: MAX Finals Hype

Start getting excited folks:

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Kyshenko added to MAX finals

ToofanK-1 has announced a new superfight for the MAX Finals: 2008 finalist Artur Kyshenko will face the debuting Toofan “Storm” Salafzoon.

Salafzoon is a 25 year old Persian fighter and a current or former WPKA Euro Kickboxing Champion, Best Of Best Asian Champion, and World Martial Arts Festival Champion 75kg. An aggressive striker, Salafzoon has an amateur record of 78-7 with 33 KOs, and a professional record of 8-0 with 5 KOs. Obviously, this is a huge task for him, and a very difficult way to make his K-1 debut.


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Krush 4 Road to MAX Results

Results are in from Japan’s Krush 4 show earlier this week. The two main events for the show featured the semi-final round of Krush’s “Road to MAX” tournament. Krush stand-outs Hirono and Takahiro Nakajima both scored victories in the semi-finals. The two men will now meet in the final match on November 2, with the winner earning a spot in next spring’s K-1 MAX Japan tournament.

September 22, 2009

Takahiro Nakajima def. Hiroshi Sannai (Dec, 3-0)
Hirono def. “Mountain Gozo” (Dec, 3-0)
Takayuki Umehara def. Shin Terato (Dec, 3-0)
Shinya Nito def. Wataru Hutoshi (Dec, 2-0)
Yoshinori Nakasuka def. Junpei Aotsu (Dec, 3-0)
Kpya Urabe def. Yusuke Nagane (Dec, 2-1 Ext Rd)
Hiro Urabe def. Jun Uesugi (Dec, 3-0)
TSUYOSHI def. Yosuke Sorudetigure (Dec, 3-0)
Masahiko Itou def. Ryuuko Obata (Dec, 2-0)
Syuuhei Morikawa def. Taku Kiyomiya (Dec, 3-0)

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Is Buakaw Leaving K-1 MAX?

Earlier this year, a rumor surfaced that two time K-1 MAX champion Buakaw Por. Pramuk was potentially leaving K-1 MAX at the end of this year. Now, that rumor has popped up again based on a quote from Buakaw’s trainer Banluesak Cheanyim: “Buakaw’s contract will end after this tournament and he’ll probably fight in Europe afterwards.” Buakaw also visited China recently for the opening of a new Por. Pramuk gym where he indicated that he might be fighting more in China in the near future, leading some to speculate that his K-1 obligations were coming to an end. Buakaw addressed this rumor earlier this year and denied it, but as it persists, it it worth addressing.

A large factor in this discussion is the K-1 idea that you can only have one Thai fighter in the organization at a time. The fact that Thailand, home to many of the best stand-up fighters in the world, is subject to this ridiculous quota, while no other nation is treated the same way is unfortunate, but is, sadly, a long held belief in K-1. The idea is that if Buakaw is to leave, that will free things up for a new, fresh Thai star to take his place – likely the top 10 ranked Yodsaenklai Fairtex.

While Yodsaenklai would be a great addition to K-1 MAX, the departure of Buakaw would be unfortunate. It’s still far too vague to know the truth, but it will certainly add some extra intrigue to Buakaw’s run at becoming the first ever three time MAX champion on October 26.

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