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K-1 LEGEND Has Moved..

Since starting up just a few months ago we’ve received a tremendous response, we thank everybody who has visited and supported us.

To help accomidate the increased traffic and demand we’ve moved to a bigger, more visible platform. So we are officially a part of the SBN Network, home of one of the biggest MMA blogs, BloodyElbow.

So K-1 LEGEND is now Head Kick Legend!

Update your bookmarks and your RSS feeds; http://www.headkicklegend.com/


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Ultimate Glory 11 Results

GLORY 11; A Decade of Fights

GLORY 11; A Decade of Fights

Golden Glory’s 10th anniversary show is in the books, and our friends at BloodyElbow stayed in on this lovely afternoon to give us the results to this event, which was strange to say the least. The big stories coming out of this are Gerges defeating K-1 World Grand Prix entrant Ruslan Karev by decision, Alistair Overeem crushing YAMMA vet (lol) Tony Sylvester with clinch knees into a standing guillotine choke, Semmy Schilt being Semmy Schilt over Alexey Ignashov, the guy that people used to talk a lot about but don’t anymore.

The Nieky Holzken/Faldir Chahbari bout was easily the best of the evening, with Holzken opening up a nasty cut before the third round was up and going into the extension round like a house on fire. It was a great back and forth contest that kickboxing fans should seek out. The even itself was strange, as it took place in what looked like a giant night club to an invite-only audience who were fed a meal while they watched and Bas Rutten provided the ringside announcing as well as provided some absolutely out there commentary. Bas Rutten doing one-man commentary included him talking about the music and how he hates that people want the “Old Bas” back, because he never left, he just doesn’t care about being professional anymore. Basically, he is nuts.

BE’s Quick Results
K-1: Semmy Schilt def. Alexey Ignashov via unanimous decision
MMA: Alistair Overeem def. Tony Sylvester via submission (guillotine) R1 1:23
K-1: Nieky Holzken def. Faldir Chahbari via unanimous decision
MMA: Siyar Bahadurzada def. Robert Jocz via majority decision
K-1: Hesdy Gerges def. Ruslan Karaev via unanimous decision
MMA: Dion Staring def. Rodney Glunder via submission (kimura) R1 2:42
K-1: Errol Zimmerman def. Wendell Roche via unanimous decision
MMA: Nikolai Onikienko def. Valentijn Overeem via TKO (doctor stoppage) R1 0:40
K-1: Anderson “Braddock” Silva def. Stefan Leko via TKO (punches) R2
MMA: Tommy Depret def. Vincent Latoel via submission (guillotine choke) R2 1:23


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Golden Glory 11 Live Internet PPV Oct. 17

GLORY 11; A Decade of Fights

GLORY 11; A Decade of Fights

Golden Glory gym will produce their 11th show, celebrating their tenth year this weekend, and have decided to do it in style;streaming it worldwide on internet PPV.

Golden Glory’s top dogs like: Alistair Overeem, Valentijn Overeem, Sem Schilt, Errol Zimmerman, Ruslan Karaev, Nieky Holzken, Siyar Bahadurzada, Halim Issaoui and many more will battle to defend the honor of Golden Glory!

But that won’t be an easy task! Opponents like: Alexey Ignashov, Tony Sylvester, Faldir Chahbari, Robert Jocz, Hesdy Gerges, Rodney Glunder and Ali Gunyar will do their best to spoil the anniversary night!

It will be an exclusive VIP event but can also be seen LIVE on internet!

There will be a LIVE PPV for just EUR 7,50 or USD  9,99 and can be seen on

Be a part of 10 years Golden Glory on Saturday 17 October 2009!

10.00 Los Angeles
13.00 New York
18.00 London
19.00 Amsterdam
21.00 Moscow

Sunday 18 October 2009
02.00 Tokyo

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K-1 ColliZion Update: Mo v. Morosanu, Lungu v. Justice

UPDATE: Live Results are here, at Head Kick Legend.

The results are in from the K-1 ColliZion voting and the two main events are set. No surprise in the vote to choose Mighty Mo’s opponent as fan favorite Catalin Morosanu took over 80% of the vote against Raul Catinas. This is a welcome opportunity for Morosanu, who had his highest profile fight to date end in a rather embarrassing fashion when he was DQ’d against Taiei Kin recently. A win over Mighty Mo will go a long way towards erasing that loss.

Meanwhile, on the super heavyweight side, American Gladiator Jesse “Justice” Smith barely outscored Butterbean 51% to 49% to face the massive Alexandre Lungu. Smith’s win denies us Butterbean v. Lungu, a fight that would have looked decidedly like Tweedledee v. Tweedledum. A few other fights have been announced as well:

K-1 ColliZion
Final Elimination Romania
October 24

Mighty Mo v. Catalin Morosanu
Alexandre Lungu v. Justice Smith
Shamil Abasov v. James Phillips
Dzevad Poturak v. Raul Catinas
Mihaita Golescu v. Petr Vondracek
Alexey Ignashov v. Freddy Kemayo (rumored)

For a relatively smaller card, this is very well put together with a good name draw fight in the main event, an interesting sideshow, and some solid undercard matches in Poturak v. Catinas and Vondracek v. Golescu in particular.

Fans can watch the event live on the 24th at Kombat.ro.

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K-1 World MAX 2009 Final 10.26 Card

I’m not sure how this one slipped through the cracks, but with DREAM just wrapping up, all of the recent happenings with the World Grand Prix and so forth, but K-1 has posted what looks to be some more of the K-1 World MAX 2009 Final card. We’ve already given you the fights for the KOSHIEN tournament, but now it is time for what you actually want to see.

K-1 World MAX 2009 Final

Final: X vs. X
Semi: Andy Souwer vs. Buakaw Por. Pramuk
Semi: Yuya Yamamoto vs. Giorgio Petrosyan
Reserve: Yoshihiro Sato vs. Yoshihiro Kido
Superfight: Kazuhisa Watanabe vs. Jae Hee Cheon
Superfight: Yuichiro Nagashima vs. Xu Yan
Superfight: HINATA vs. Mike Zambidis
Taishin Kohiruimaki vs. DRAGO
Kozo Takeda vs. Albert Kraus

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Oct. 17th: Alistair Overeem vs. Sam Hoger

So rumors have been floating around the past few days about some mysterious Alistair Overeem fight involving former TUF fighter Sam Hoger. Hoger known for, well, a bunch of notable losses to much better opponents and fighting at 205 will be, according to our sources,  getting pummeled by Golden Glory’s favorite son, Alistair Overeem at the Golden Glory anniversary show. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise to any MMA fan, as Overeem was confirmed on this show ages ago, as it is his gym. Sam Hoger seems like a bit of an afterthought and an easy win for Overeem, but it is the world of MMA and strange things can happen.

Regardless, it is the biggest fight Hoger has had since his dismissal from the UFC, being beaten up for three rounds by Lyoto Machida. For Overeem, it is just another day as a Golden Glory fighter.

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Bas Boon of Golden Glory on Overeem, Fedor, K-1, M-1 and More!

Fedor with Bas Boon (C) Golden Glory

Fedor with Bas Boon (C) Golden Glory

I had a chance to talk with one of Golden Glory’s fearless leaders, Bas Boon recently. Bas is a guy who has been around in the fight industry and managed some of the big names. Currently Golden Glory is on a roll and looks forward to an anniversary show as well as the K-1 World Grand Prix where Ruslan Karaev, Errol Zimmerman, Alistair Overeem and Semmy Schilt will compete.

There is some juicy stuff pertaining to Boon and Golden Glory’s former relations with M-1 Global figureheads Vadim Finkelstein and Apy Echteld. Some of it just sounds outlandish, but can be pieced together. If anything, this interview adds more texture to some of the tales of M-1 Global that have been circulating, although Bas says he would not prevent his fighters from working with them in the future.

K-1 LEGEND: You guys have been doing a great job and the success of Golden Glory shows that, as you’ve become one of the top, if not top, camp around for kickboxing, completely dominating the K-1 scene and making a serious impression the world of MMA. The K-1 World Grand Prix this year is half Golden Glory, what are you attributing this success to?

Bas Boon: The success comes from a great team spirit and the same management and trainers for ten years now, we will celebrate this anniversary with a huge event – Glory 12 on the 17th of October in Amsterdam (http://www.unitedglory.nl/). We went through a lot of difficulties this year, injuries, changing the location of Golden Glory Breda gym. We had to work really hard to get everything in place again. The team spirit in Korea was the best I have seen in my ten years with Golden Glory, we couldn’t loose!

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