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DREAM.12 Ain’t Done Yet: Alistair Overeem vs. James Thompson

Fanhouse’s Michael David Smith is reporting that Alistair Overeem’s DREAM.12 opponent in the cage will be none other than the ear-exploding James Thompson. Thompson, known for losing his last four fights to Neil Grove, Brett Rogers, Kimbo Slice and Jim York will be best known to fans as the guy who Kimbo hit so hard his ear exploded on CBS Network’s first attempt at live MMA for the masses.

Overeem given another gimme fight, but I’m not complaining that we’ll get to see some high class demolition at DREAM.12.


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Alistair Overeem is Focused on K-1

Our favorite Japanese and Korea fight blog, Nightmare of Battle did a bang-up job translating an interview with everybody’s favorite never-ending topic, Alistair Overeem. He sounds off on fighting Cro Cop again, where he wants to fight, what his focus is, and how he is content with Strikeforce. Go figure.

MMARocks: During the press conference you said you will not comment on Brett Rogers words, but I need to ask again. This doesn’t bother you? Him talking the smack on the internet about you and how you’re not defending your Strikeforce title?

I will not comment on this, I am very busy with K-1 right now, with all the fight I have there. When there will be time to meet in the ring he will see. For now, I will not comment. I am very busy these days, i have a fight in Glory, then in DREAM.12 and after that I’ll fight in the K-1 Finals so I am very busy with training and fighting and I don’t have time for this bullshit.

MMARocks: OK, if we talk about Fedor, you have some plans to fight him? Do your managers talk to him already?

Of course I want to fight with him very bad. He is the Pride legend, the number 1 fighter in the HW division, so I always wanted to fight him. Personally I like him very much, he is a gentleman and very talented fighter. It would be a great fight. Now when he signed with Strikeforce i think this fight will happen. Before when he fought for Affliction and I was Strikeforce champ it was not possible. But now when he is with Strikeforce i am sure we will fight in 2010.

MMARocks: One year ago, in last interview you said you want to fight in UFC. Now when Fedor sign with Strikeforce, this make impact on your plans with UFC?

Its like this. Who ever treat and pays you better will be your employer. Right now I am very happy with Strikeforce, I am the champion of Strikeforce. If I ever go to UFC i need to resign from Strikeforce championship belt and fighting in Japan.

MMARocks: About a match against Mirko in K-1:

I don’t have desire to fight Mirko anymore, I proved everything I wanted. I wish him best and I really have hope that he can finish his career with some wins.

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Oct. 17th: Alistair Overeem vs. Sam Hoger

So rumors have been floating around the past few days about some mysterious Alistair Overeem fight involving former TUF fighter Sam Hoger. Hoger known for, well, a bunch of notable losses to much better opponents and fighting at 205 will be, according to our sources,  getting pummeled by Golden Glory’s favorite son, Alistair Overeem at the Golden Glory anniversary show. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise to any MMA fan, as Overeem was confirmed on this show ages ago, as it is his gym. Sam Hoger seems like a bit of an afterthought and an easy win for Overeem, but it is the world of MMA and strange things can happen.

Regardless, it is the biggest fight Hoger has had since his dismissal from the UFC, being beaten up for three rounds by Lyoto Machida. For Overeem, it is just another day as a Golden Glory fighter.

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Overeem: Death to All (Bikes First)

Alistair Overeem vs. Peter Aerts gets a different kind of hype, as Alistair Overeem proclaims that all will die. While Overeem uses a giant mallet to destroy bikes, Peter Aerts takes a more traditional approach to training for their upcoming bout. I’ll say this, Overeem knows how to sell a fight.

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Strikeforce Officials Talk Overeem

If you are a MMA fan, you have probably been up in arms over Alistair Overeem’s lack of title defenses in Strikeforce. Well, rest assured, Overeem is healed and will once again fight for Strikeforce — after he is done fighting in the K-1 World Grand Prix and fighting in his home of Golden Glory. MMAmania went out on a limb to get the scoop.

When contacted by MMAmania.com (www.MMAmania.com ), Strikeforce officials were happy to report that Overeem’s injuries have finally healed and that he will compete in the upcoming kickboxing bout as part of his existing contract with K-1.

Following that bout, as well as a planned fight for Golden Glory, Overeem is expected to return to Strikeforce to defend his title.

And with Brett Rogers, Fabricio Werdum and Fedor Emelianenko all gunning for first dibs, don’t expect him to receive a very warm welcome.

So it looks like Overeem has told Strikeforce that he’ll be fighting for them as soon as his obligations to other promotions are met. Here is the question that I beg to ask; if Overeem goes on to the K-1 WGP Finals, do you really see him rushing to get booked on a Strikeforce card? The same could be said if he gets “injured” again.

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