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K-1 LEGEND Has Moved..

Since starting up just a few months ago we’ve received a tremendous response, we thank everybody who has visited and supported us.

To help accomidate the increased traffic and demand we’ve moved to a bigger, more visible platform. So we are officially a part of the SBN Network, home of one of the biggest MMA blogs, BloodyElbow.

So K-1 LEGEND is now Head Kick Legend!

Update your bookmarks and your RSS feeds; http://www.headkicklegend.com/


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American MMA Ignorance is Bliss in Regards to Alistair Overeem

The overwhelming outrage over Alistair Overeem not defending a rather meaningless title against meaningless opponents in the United States has to stop. Until we get Overeem vs. Fedor scheduled in Strikeforce, the outrage needs to end. As we’ve covered in the past linking to interviews with Alistair and interviewing his manager Bas Boon, Alistair was injured, but recovered by September and Strikeforce has not offered him a fight since, but he will fight for them in 2010.

Steve Cofield, the much maligned, insulted and berated Yahoo! Sports MMA blogger is at it again, this time calling for Alistair Overeem to be stripped of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship. Why? Because he fought against a far lesser opponent on a show for his gym, which he can attribute a lot of his recent success to.  I’m not a Cofield hater, but his clear lack of knowledge of the fight scene outside of the United States is rather sad.

When is Strikeforce going to pull the plug on this Alistair Overeem sham? It did so quietly with its middleweight belt held by Cung Le. Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker announced that Le would be back at some point but now the belt has been stripped. He needs to do the same with his heavyweight strap especially after watching Overeem face a nobody in Tony Sylvester in something called Ultimate Glory 11 in Holland last night.

UPDATE: BloodyElbow’s Mike Fagan has weighed in on this topic and pretty much nails it with “why should we care?”


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Giorgio Petrosyan is Awesome

Giorgio Petrosyan is one of the early favorites for the K-1 World MAX Tournament this year, and if you are wondering why, he has a whole career worth of fights for you to watch. Check out this fight from 2008 against Raffik Bakkouri where he just decimates him. Petrosyan’s opponent, Yuya Yamamoto isn’t known for his crushing power, it looks like he has his hands full.

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Ultimate Glory 11 Results

GLORY 11; A Decade of Fights

GLORY 11; A Decade of Fights

Golden Glory’s 10th anniversary show is in the books, and our friends at BloodyElbow stayed in on this lovely afternoon to give us the results to this event, which was strange to say the least. The big stories coming out of this are Gerges defeating K-1 World Grand Prix entrant Ruslan Karev by decision, Alistair Overeem crushing YAMMA vet (lol) Tony Sylvester with clinch knees into a standing guillotine choke, Semmy Schilt being Semmy Schilt over Alexey Ignashov, the guy that people used to talk a lot about but don’t anymore.

The Nieky Holzken/Faldir Chahbari bout was easily the best of the evening, with Holzken opening up a nasty cut before the third round was up and going into the extension round like a house on fire. It was a great back and forth contest that kickboxing fans should seek out. The even itself was strange, as it took place in what looked like a giant night club to an invite-only audience who were fed a meal while they watched and Bas Rutten provided the ringside announcing as well as provided some absolutely out there commentary. Bas Rutten doing one-man commentary included him talking about the music and how he hates that people want the “Old Bas” back, because he never left, he just doesn’t care about being professional anymore. Basically, he is nuts.

BE’s Quick Results
K-1: Semmy Schilt def. Alexey Ignashov via unanimous decision
MMA: Alistair Overeem def. Tony Sylvester via submission (guillotine) R1 1:23
K-1: Nieky Holzken def. Faldir Chahbari via unanimous decision
MMA: Siyar Bahadurzada def. Robert Jocz via majority decision
K-1: Hesdy Gerges def. Ruslan Karaev via unanimous decision
MMA: Dion Staring def. Rodney Glunder via submission (kimura) R1 2:42
K-1: Errol Zimmerman def. Wendell Roche via unanimous decision
MMA: Nikolai Onikienko def. Valentijn Overeem via TKO (doctor stoppage) R1 0:40
K-1: Anderson “Braddock” Silva def. Stefan Leko via TKO (punches) R2
MMA: Tommy Depret def. Vincent Latoel via submission (guillotine choke) R2 1:23


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UFC Fighter/Former K-1 Fighter Pat Barry Doesn’t Like Ernesto Hoost

Sure, it could just be Pat Barry hyping up his fight against Dutch kickboxer Antoni Hardonk and that they both trained with Ernesto Hoost in Holland, but Pat Barry wasn’t happy with his training with Hoost. Barry felt Hoost and Hardonk underestimated him and never saw him as a fighter on that elite level of competition.

After compiling 29 amateur bouts in 7 months and traveling the country signing his name on every kickboxing tournament list, Barry received the invite to train in Holland in the VAS Gym (the most legendary gym in kickboxing) under K-1 champion, Ernesto Hoost. After training with ‘Mr. Perfect’ and his next opponent, Antoni Hardonk for 5 years and compiling a world-class kickboxing record of 18-6-1, Barry eventually left Holland due to a rift with what he thought was his mentor. Feeling like he was a just a training partner for the other fighters that Barry feels, Hoost thought were better fighters, this fight means more than another ‘W’ for Barry it’s redemption.

“This fight means more to me than just going and getting a win because this is almost like a, oh you thought I couldn’t make it and now look at what I’m doing. You didn’t have the confidence in me and now look at what is happening.”

Since he is in UFC now and has a rather humble K-1 record, it is probably safe to assume that Barry wasn’t fit for the level of competition in K1 and has found a better fit in MMA. The same, of course, can be said for Hardonk. Mr. Perfect is never wrong, is he?

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Alistair Overeem is Focused on K-1

Our favorite Japanese and Korea fight blog, Nightmare of Battle did a bang-up job translating an interview with everybody’s favorite never-ending topic, Alistair Overeem. He sounds off on fighting Cro Cop again, where he wants to fight, what his focus is, and how he is content with Strikeforce. Go figure.

MMARocks: During the press conference you said you will not comment on Brett Rogers words, but I need to ask again. This doesn’t bother you? Him talking the smack on the internet about you and how you’re not defending your Strikeforce title?

I will not comment on this, I am very busy with K-1 right now, with all the fight I have there. When there will be time to meet in the ring he will see. For now, I will not comment. I am very busy these days, i have a fight in Glory, then in DREAM.12 and after that I’ll fight in the K-1 Finals so I am very busy with training and fighting and I don’t have time for this bullshit.

MMARocks: OK, if we talk about Fedor, you have some plans to fight him? Do your managers talk to him already?

Of course I want to fight with him very bad. He is the Pride legend, the number 1 fighter in the HW division, so I always wanted to fight him. Personally I like him very much, he is a gentleman and very talented fighter. It would be a great fight. Now when he signed with Strikeforce i think this fight will happen. Before when he fought for Affliction and I was Strikeforce champ it was not possible. But now when he is with Strikeforce i am sure we will fight in 2010.

MMARocks: One year ago, in last interview you said you want to fight in UFC. Now when Fedor sign with Strikeforce, this make impact on your plans with UFC?

Its like this. Who ever treat and pays you better will be your employer. Right now I am very happy with Strikeforce, I am the champion of Strikeforce. If I ever go to UFC i need to resign from Strikeforce championship belt and fighting in Japan.

MMARocks: About a match against Mirko in K-1:

I don’t have desire to fight Mirko anymore, I proved everything I wanted. I wish him best and I really have hope that he can finish his career with some wins.

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Giorgio Petrosyan Wants Buakaw in MAX Finals

K1 recently conducted an interview (text) with MAX sensation Giorgio Petrosyan, one of the early favorites for this year’s MAX tournament. After his last win over Albert Kraus Petrosyan looks to be unstoppable as he looks to fix one of the only blemishes on his record, a draw to Buakaw Pro. Pramuk from 2007.

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